Our Mission Statement

United Academics of Philadelphia, American Federation of Teacher’s (AFT) Local 9608 is an organization that seeks to unify and support the nearly 15,000 adjunct instructors currently working in Philadelphia-area colleges. As a vital but often underrepresented element of higher education, we believe that together we can accomplish what we cannot achieve as individuals.  To ensure respect, security, fair pay and benefits from our institutions of employment, UAP is advocating for the unionization of adjuncts at Philadelphia-area colleges.

As colleagues, we will share resources, help each other organize, and create avenues for professional development, and advancement in the field of higher education. UAP will work to establish transparency at local colleges and focus on creating and implementing solutions to problems that affect students and professors across higher education institutions in Philadelphia.

The AFT now represents over 200,000 higher education members in all types of institutions, from small community colleges to world-class research universities, across the country. As an AFT affiliate, UAP has the resources to evolve with industry trends in the region and nationwide as means of strengthening the careers of our members.

Join us!

About United Academics of Philadelphia

United Academics of Philadelphia is a local of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) with membership that includes adjunct faculty, tenure and non-tenure faculty and academic staff at colleges and universities in the Philadelphia-metro area.
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